Tips on Choosing the Right Real Estate Photos to Post Online
Tips on Choosing the Right Real Estate Photos to Post Online

In the real estate industry, social media is a great way to connect with clients and buyers. An eye-catching view of Miami real estate photography helps the buyers to visualize the house or the property they want to buy. So, what are the tips on choosing the right real estate photos to post online?

Real Estate Photographer

This is the time that a real estate agent will invest and hire a professional Miami real estate photographer to capture the view of the property they are selling. They are professionals who have complete equipment for photography and focus on taking photographs with a digital or film camera.

Property Preparation

Firstly, Miami real estate photographers must do a walk-through and planning of the property before taking shots. Secondly, the property needs preparation. This is true, especially in each room. It is important to clean the kitchen counters, bathroom, sinks; and to remove floor mats, runners, unnecessary furniture, decorations, and belongings. Lastly, TVs should also be off.

Lighting, Angle, and Composition

Generally, considering the time of day for the best lighting effect, the best way to take photos of the house is in the morning. The natural light emphasizes the true color of the house. This is good for the exterior part. In the interior, all the lights inside must be turned on to hide the shadows of the home. Determine what the right angles are and how the elements of the photo are organized.

Photo Manipulation

After taking photos of the property, real estate photographers will choose a picture that needs to edit or enhance. Hence, photo editing apps, like Photoshop, allow the real estate photographer to manipulate images, adjust the brightness and apply filters if needed.

Social Media Platforms

Florida real estate photography is already common in social media. Realtors and real estate photographers may take advantage of these, for their portfolios. With the help of social media, agents may also observe their competitors’ works. Realtors should post original real estate photography online. Also, they must post it on social media platforms with lots of followers, like Facebook and Instagram.

Posting Real Estate Photos

Real estate agents, who will post the photo, decide what to post on their social media platforms. They choose the photos with the best angles and compositions. Realtors must also examine the quality of the photo; they must also consider which photo to feature. Well, here are some Florida real estate photography tips to post online:

Interior Area of the House:

  • HDR and Original Photo
  • Lighting matters; keep the colors in mind
  • Aligned furniture
  • Blinds must set -up
  • Interior lights are all turned on
  • Turned off fans
  • Even pictures (Right balance between the ceiling and the floor)
  • Clean Kitchen and Laundry area
  • Opened windows (if there is a view to see outside)
  • Focused on the details

Exterior Area of the House:

  • Pool (photos with pool facing towards the house)
  • Greenery view
  • Nice and clean backyard or front yard
  • Clean garage
  • Natural light
  • Top view shot
  • Focused on the details

There are countless tips on choosing the right real estate photos to post online. These tips are important ones that Miami real estate photographers and realtors must look into.

Know who Competitors are

Competitors in Tampa real estate photography are just like ants; they are countless. They don’t just post descriptions of the house they are selling. Other agents are also good at posting real estate photography on different social media pages. They can also do competitor research online. However, with good real estate photography, you can invite potential customers of your known competitors to visit your page.


Keep in mind that a real estate agent must hire a professional real estate photographer to make them look easy for a buyer. Real estate photography takes a hundred shots to get even one great photo. Real estate Photographers can make original photos for the realtors to market online. Good real estate photography of the interior and exterior area can make an eye-catching view for the buyers.

Posting real estate photography is not an easy task; realtors will post all the photos done by the real estate photographer and make descriptions. Remember that a Miami real estate photographer is the best teammate. As such, realtors should also suggest to real estate photographers the views of the house that should be seen. Plus, there are also some tips that a real estate agent and realtors must have on choosing the right real estate photography. Competitive realtors always choose amazing real estate photography to catch the buyer’s attention online.

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