Prepare Home for Real Estate Photography

How to prepare your home for Real Estate Photography is key and one of the most important things you can do if you want to stand out in the market

Prepare Home for Real Estate Photography

The majority of property buyers start their search through the internet, so it is important to make the first impression count! Real Estate Photography preparation is one of the major keys and the most important things if you want to stand out in the market. In this article, I will give you tips on how to prepare your home for real estate photography.

Steps to have your real estate property ready for photography.

Prepare your Front Yard

  • Start by fixing your fence and getting rid of fallen leaves, mowing your lawn, pruning trees, trimming shrubs and revamping your garden.
  • Remove your car/s from your driveway and make sure that the garage is closed.
  • Front door frames and eaves should also be free of cobwebs.
  • Paint your exterior if you have too and also consider cleaning your windows before the shoot.

Prepare your Backyard

  • Arrange any furniture that is present.
  • Clean and cover backyard stoves and sweep debris from the deck.
  • Remove any personal belongings like balls, toys, etc.
  • Your pool should also be clean. Remove your pool cleaning supplies, trash cans, and water hoses. Lastly, turn on any water features you may have such as fountains.


  • Kitchen should be free of clutter and personal belongings.
  • Clean all dishes/utensils in the sink and store them out of camera sight.
  • Food supplies should be out of sight.
  • The floor and countertops must also be spotless.
  • Remove dish cleaning supplies from the sink as well as all photos, notes, calendars, and cards from your refrigerator doors.
  • Small appliances should be out of sight. Also, remove your garbage can.

Living Room

  • The living room should be clean, and clutter-free.
  • Get rid of magazines, remote controls, photo frames, books, toys and blankets among other personal items that can distract potential home buyers from imagining themselves in your home.
  • Clean and dust your furniture, electronics, wipe and straighten blinds, clean curtains as well as roll up long cabling and cords.
  • Leave a few minimal pieces of artwork and clean fireplaces if you have any. You should also consider painting your living room walls and ceiling if needed.

Dining Area

  • The dining table needs to be clean and clear.
  • A bouquet of flowers and setting the table before taking pictures is recommended.
  • All chairs must be straightened and in place.
  • Remove child seats or booster chairs if there is.
  • If you have multiple dining areas than see if you can turn one into an office or a ‘play-space’.


  • Start with your master bedroom by removing all personal items as well as clutter from the nightstands and dressers.
  • Trash cans, laundry and any other distractive items like phone/computer chargers and wall photos should also be out of sight.
  • The bed must be made perfectly using your best pair of beddings. Don’t forget to clean floors, tables, furniture, blinds, ceiling fans, etc.
  • For baby’s room or other rooms, it should be clean, neat and free of personal belongings.


  • Clear bathroom counters of all personal toiletries, hygiene items like toothbrush holders, hair styling tools and any other beauty products..
  • Showers, sinks, bathtubs, and mirrors must be spotlessly clean and free of personal products like shampoos and soap.
  • Bathroom towels and shower curtains should be clean and straight.
  • Use white towels and rugs to bring out a spotless effect. Make sure to straighten rugs, remove garbage cans and bathroom cleaning supplies out of camera sight. Lastly, replace toilet paper rolls and put your toilet seats down.
  • Your bathroom closet doors should be closed.


  • Change any damaged lights.
  • Make sure that lights are turned on.
  • Make sure all dark areas are well-lit.