A real estate video tour gives you the opportunity to pair photos with video clips and text to tell the story of a property more fully than you can with photos alone.

REAL ESTATE VIDEO TOUR When potential buyers or renters are searching for a new property, a real estate video tours are a great way to make your listings stand out in the market. A listing video gives you the opportunity to pair photos with video clips and text to tell the story of a property more fully than you can with photos alone. These videos can be shared in your listing itself, as well as on your website, your social media accounts, or anywhere you’re promoting your listing. According to Video Marketing Statistics, real estate listings that include a video receive 403% more inquiries than those without. Real estate video marketing is a great way in your arsenal, particularly for visually-driven purchases like homes, commercial property or buildings. There really is no better way to showcase a house or building than with a video tour. Professional Real Estate Video has rapidly become one of the most popular ways for realtors to market or promote their properties. The ability of video to help sell a property is also increasingly well understood by homeowners. When it comes to the real estate industry, a video has been shown to attract more sellers and buyers, it can also boost listings and increase sales. Real Estate Video Tours is highly recommended, and you’ve no doubt noticed that video results are appearing along with text results when you search for anything in Google or other search engines these days. In fact, it’s estimated that 74% of all Internet traffic will be video. Using video to sell property can be the thing that sets you apart from your competition. Even though it’s a proven factor, it’s still highly underused as a tool. What is the advantage of Real Estate Video Tour? First, most people these days are hardwired to watch rather than read. Second, it is much easier to convey emotion with video than text. In fact, many people read and interpret text based on what they are currently thinking and feeling. Think about it. What’s a faster way to make someone happy, a smile or a few sentences on why they should be happy? That is why videos are more advanced than any other tool for Real Estate Photography. A “Real Estate Video Tour” is not the same thing as a picture slideshow. A Real Estate Video Tour is a motion video showing a property while the other tool is called ‘’A virtual tour or 360 photographs that the user can spin around, and look in every direction. We at Fast Promo USA offer a quality Real Estate Video Tour made by our professional real estate photographers and videographers. Market your properties with our Video Tour and make them impress.

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