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“DREAM DESTINATION” Yes, Miami has been top-rated in terms of tourists’ dream destinations. They always say, “Miami has everything you need for a vacation”. It has beautiful weather, spotless beaches, outstanding attractions, several quality hotels, and restaurants, and prosperous culture. These are only a few of the reasons why Miami […]

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Tips for Beginners in Real Estate Photography

Are you into real estate photography? Are you an aspiring real estate photographer? Scroll down below for some useful real estate photography tips that can help you get started. Real estate photography tips are important in selling real estate since a picture is literally worth a thousand words. As they […]

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Spring Real Estate photography Tips

These tips for spring real estate photography would help you especially since spring is one of the best times of the year for real estate.  The snow is melting, so yards look more presentable. Flowers and a pop of color to homes that are otherwise drab. Plus, people are more […]

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