Spring is one of the best times of the year for real estate photography.  The snow is melting, so yards look more presentable. Flowers and a pop of color to homes that are otherwise drab. Plus, people are more willing to move because the weather is nicer. There are a ton of people on the market who is looking for a new home. Homeowners need tips for photographing real estate as well. Your real estate photographer can’t do much if you have piles of unwanted things in your yard or window that nobody can see through. If you are selling your home or helping to sell someone else’s home, here are some great spring-cleaning tips that homeowners can do to help make their homes look as fantastic as possible in real estate photos.

5 Tips for Spring Real Estate Photography

Prepare your property for photography.

This is one of the most difficult spring-cleaning tips for real estate photography. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help if you need it.

You’ll be needing to power wash your roof or sweep it to get all of the leaves and debris off of it. If you have large, mature trees in your yard, this may be the last step you want to take. This is to prevent more leaves from falling to your roof. After sweeping your roof, make sure to clean out the gutter as well. Fine details like this are going to make your real estate photography more appealing and more presentable than anyone else’s in your neighborhood. Hose down the driveway and your walkways while you are at it. As cute as your children’s chalk drawings are. They probably won’t add much value to your home. Roll up your garden hose and put it away after. You’ll also need to hide your trash bins. This one is a little more difficult since they are large and you can’t simply stuff them in your junk drawer or garage. Either ask your neighbor to hold them for you for the day or move them as the photographer takes the shots. Either way, nasty trash cans aren’t going to do photos of your property any favor.


When you look at the whole of real estate photography, landscape photography covers a very important role in the overall puzzle. We’re talking strictly about the outside/exterior portion of a property) and in the case of vacant land- this encompasses the entire property because there’s no “interior ” to speak of. This is everyone’s first impression of a property, some might call it “curb appeal”, and it can go a long way in shaping a prospective buyer’s attention to a property. Dropping the ball on this part is going to be an uphill battle.

A lot of tips for photographing real estate leave out what we should think is the most important portion of your home’s exterior; the landscaping. First, rake any leaves lying around in your yard that are decomposing. They may be cute in the autumn, but by this point, they’re all dead and will be a minus point for your photographs. Second, think about bringing some new life to your house by planting flowers or other bright plants in your yard. Third, Re-mulch your flower beds (if you have any). Flower beds make for a beautiful photograph when they strongly contrast with other colors in your yard, which means you need brand-new mulch. 

Miscellaneous tasks

Though these tips are simple it may be outside of someone else’s imagination to affect your real estate photographs. Clean your windows, we can’t reiterate this point enough. People don’t typically include this item in their exterior real estate photography. It is because it’s also important for photographing the inside of your home. Dirty windows are a huge turn-off for prospects who will be seeing your property online. You’ll also want to power wash the sidings on your home, especially if your home is painted a bright color. Finally, get rid of cobwebs hiding in the corners. Nothing says welcome home like spider webs all over the front porch or anywhere your home!


Ideally, photos should be taken in the early morning or late evening hours. This allows you to capitalize on soft, golden hour lighting that diminishes the harshness of the shadows that you encounter when photographing homes in the middle of a bright sunny day in the afternoon. Of course, your schedule can’t always accommodate photographing a property as the sun rises or sets. You have to have other tricks up your sleeve in order to get the best possible images. When you’re shooting in challenging lighting conditions is to bracket your exposures. 

For example, when you’re photographing the exterior of a property in the early afternoon, you’ll encounter bright highlights and deep shadows that seem unbecoming. But if you bracket your exposures, which entails taking three or more images, each at a different exposure level. You can overcome the wide dynamic range in the scene. The result of the bracketing is an image exposed for the shadows, and another exposed for the mudstones. Then you merge these images together to create a composite shot that’s well-exposed throughout. 


The goal of your real estate photography is to help sell a home as quickly as possible, and in the coming months amidst coronavirus fears. This is going to become more difficult for real estate agents and investors. So, real estate photography is going to be in high demand. If you haven’t gotten into the niche yet, it may just be time for you to do so. Unless a house is undergoing major changes, like a roof replacement it is always best to take exterior real estate photos in the spring to showcase more of the home’s features.

Blooming flowers are much more appealing than bare lawns or huge piles of black snow on the road. Houses are just like people; each has a good and bad angle. A ton of real estate photography tips list forget to include this basic information on showcasing the most unique aspect of a home. Make sure that there isn’t any obstruction in your exterior real estate photos. Try getting low and getting high to capture the beauty of the house. Cropping can occur after your photoshoot, but getting more information into your shot can’t so widen the view. But if you want to bring the best out of your property through real estate photography and you feel you need help doing it. Contact us!

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