Solutions for Real Estate Photography during Coronavirus COVID-19


Lets talk about Real Estate Photography Coronavirus. The Covid-19 pandemic continues to globally take hold. As a result, how it’s going to affect the U.S. real estate industry is probably foremost in your mind. In real estate photography, what are your options as a photographer? How will buyers and sellers react? And how are you going to conduct your business in this crisis now that most of us are staying at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

As the world adjusts to the new normal, real estate photographers adapt as well. Hand sanitizer will become a must-have in a photographer’s camera bag. Non-contact, verbal-only posing skills should be developed to approach clients who prefer no physical contact. In general, real estate photographers during Coronavirus need to be aware of what they are touching on the shoot. There should also be frequent breaks to wash their hands thoroughly. Since photographers are busy during shoots, they tend to forget to focus on details. Even if all these seem like common sense, these things aren’t always on our preoccupied minds. 

Video Tours

Video tours aren’t new, but not every agent has them for their listings. In Real Estate Photography during Coronavirus, video tours are especially helpful. Nowadays, people stay at home due to the pandemic. Therefore, looking at a property in person can be tricky or impossible. With a real estate video tour, a buyer can look around a property as if they’re on a private showing. The buyers do not need to leave their homes for these tours.

Commissioning a professional photographer to come to a property for sale is still possible even with the social distancing guidelines. However, we at Fast Promo USA strictly implement the CDC guidelines before booking.

360 Virtual 3D Panorama Tours

As more industries shift to remote working during the Coronavirus outbreak, the real estate industry is having to make fundamental changes to their everyday processes. While there’s nothing like experiencing a space in person, 360 Virtual 3D panorama tours have come a long way and offer a close equivalent. Thus, in the era of social distancing, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of this technology.

In the wake of a crisis such as COVID-19, where physical distancing is a must, many brokerages are halting property showings. In Real Estate Photography during Coronavirus, social distancing and other restrictions in place because of the virus, real estate photography have stepped up their use of technology to replicate on-site visits and maintain a one-on-one dialogue with potential clients. Virtual 3D Panorama tours can do all of these. You can’t expect a client of yours to buy a home without ever stepping foot inside it. But one thing you can do is help your potential buyers to narrow down their choices to limit the number of homes that need to visit in person. To this end, get on board with the idea of 360 3D Panorama tours using pictures to get a sense of what a property looks like. 

Preventive Measure

We at Fast Promo USA has a preventative measure to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading virus during photo shoots.

We’re in this together. To help protect the homeowner, the agent, and the photographer, we strictly implemented new policies and procedures for our in-home photography appointments. These protocols intend to help keep everyone safe from the virus. To be safe, we have to follow the appropriate guidance from the CDC regarding contact and social distancing. Effective immediately please help us by following these important rules before booking:

  • We’ve already instructed our photographers regarding our protocol. If they feel ill at all or have been in contact with someone that is sick, they should have us reassign their shoots.
  • We’ve also instructed our photographers regarding on-site shoots. If they are on-site at a property where there is a possibility of contracting an illness, they should leave which we need to know first if someone is ill before booking.
  •  If a property cannot be shot due to illness prior to the schedule, we ask that our clients let us know.
  • Our photographers have been instructed to not touch any personal items inside the property during the photoshoot.
  • Limited attendance to the photoshoot. We ask our agents and homeowners to be off-site for the duration of any shoot during the COVID-19 crisis. If our agents or homeowners must be in attendance, we ask them kindly to wait in a physically separated part of the property. This is located no less than 20 feet and on a different floor if possible.
  • We ask that the property be clean and all surfaces disinfected with an approved disinfectant prior to the photographer’s arrival.
  • Eliminate the need to touch items in the home; turn on all lights; open blinds, windows and interior doors before the start of the shoot.
  • Please note that our photographers are instructed to cancel the shoot if these policies are not being followed.

In Fast Promo USA,

Our clients are very important to us. We believe the steps above will help keep us all safe from spreading viruses and keep us healthy. We encourage you to talk to us first before or at the appointment about any concerns and instructions. By working together, we will surely get through this. No matter how you feel about COVID-19, there are real financial implications. People cannot ignore the consequences of the virus; this is true whether you’re in a state of panic or you believe the whole thing is all hype driven by the media. Its impact on the industry is also evident. The best thing we can do is remain calm; be smart and prepare for the future so that we can continue to thrive in any economy. If you have considered real estate photography will help you, call us at the phone numbers below.

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