Real Estate Photography during Coronavirus COVID-19

The world economy is on the brink of a recession and Real Estate during Coronavirus is not exempt from the financial impact. Real Estate during Coronavirus is more of a luxury good than a necessity, with its demand rising and falling with the incomes of realtors. As a downturn looms, we should anticipate the demand for Photography Services in Real Estate, in general, to decrease. Of course, photographers who have built strong brands, with recurring clients and high demand may feel less of an impact. But we should, as an industry, brace ourselves for a temporary decline in revenue.

The Novel Coronavirus or Covid19 is causing widespread concern and affecting businesses around the world, including Real Estate. Global stock markets plunged. Restaurants report fewer patrons. Plus, the travel sector became hammered. But how will this affect the Real Estate Photography Industry?

Effects of the Pandemic on Real Estate Photographers

As the world gets accustomed to greeting with nods and toe taps instead of handshakes and hugs, real estate photographers during coronavirus need to adapt as well. Hand sanitizer will become a must-have in a photographer’s camera bag. Non-contact, verbal-only posing skills will need to be developed to approach clients who prefer no physical contact. In general, real estate photographers need to have a heightened awareness of what they are touching on the shoot, taking frequent breaks to wash their hands thoroughly. While these all seem like common sense, when the photographers are “in the property,” focusing on details, compositions, settings, and moments, these things aren’t always on our minds. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, There is currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Avoiding exposure to the virus prevents the illness. For that reason, Miami-Dade orders all non-essential businesses closed due to coronavirus. On March 19, 2020, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez expanded his order of businesses that must close. It also included those that can remain open during the coronavirus pandemic. All establishments will have to shut down. Construction sites, and all of the non-essential business.

Measures Adapted by Real Estate Photographers

The continued impact in real estate during coronavirus has left many agents and sellers thinking about new ways of doing business. The real estate industry will also need to adjust. Strategies to contain the spread of the virus have left many agents seeking solutions that will allow them to work with as little disruption as possible. These strategies include enforced isolation and public gathering restrictions. We at Fast Promo USA strictly implement safety and in response to avoid viruses; there are conditions we need to implement before booking. The CDC recommendation for occupied properties is that the ones who live must step out. The listing agent has everything open and ready and clients or photographers to come with gloves and masks. They should also make sure they don’t touch anything. 

Fast Promo USA Solutions

Fast Promo USA has a Solution to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading coronavirus during photo shoots.

The Real Estate during Coronavirus is very hard and we’re in this together. To help protect the homeowner, the agent, and the photographer, we strictly implemented new policies and procedures for our in-home photography appointments. These protocols intend to keep everyone safe from the virus We have to follow the appropriate guidance from the CDC regarding contact and social distancing during this crisis. Effective immediately please help us by following these important rules before booking:

  • We’ve instructed our photographers that if they feel ill at all or have been in contact with someone that is sick, they should have us reassign their shoots.
  • We’ve also instructed our photographers that if they are on-site at a property where there is a possibility of contracting an illness, they should leave which we need to know first if someone is ill before booking.
  • We ask that our clients let us know if a property cannot be shot due to illness prior to the scheduled agreement. 
  • Our photographers have been instructed to not touch any personal items inside the property during the photo shoot.
  • Limited attendance to the photoshoot. We ask our agents and homeowners to be off-site for the duration of any shoot during the COVID-19 crisis. If our agents or homeowners must be in attendance, we ask them kindly to wait in a physically-separated part of the property. This is by a distance of no less than 20 feet, on a different floor if possible.
  • We ask that the property be clean and all surfaces disinfected with an approved disinfectant prior to the photographer’s arrival.
  • To eliminate the need to touch items in the home; turn on all lights; open blinds, windows, and interior doors before the start of the shoot.
  • Please note that our photographers are instructed to cancel the shoot if these policies are not being followed


Here in Fast Promo USA,

Our clients are very important to us. We believe the steps above will help keep us all safe from spreading viruses and keep us healthy. We encourage you to talk to us first before or at the appointment about any concerns and instructions. By working together, we’ll get through this! No matter how you feel about COVID-19, there are real financial implications. Whether you’re in a state of panic or confusion, you can’t ignore the consequences of the virus.  The best thing we can do is remain calm and be smart. We must also prepare for the future so that we can continue to thrive in any economy. Terms and Conditions.