Have you already heard the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”? How does real estate photography helps to target the right people? 98% of home buyers said photos were the most useful tool for investigating properties that they would purchase. This means that you need to get your buyers’ buy-in from their computer screens before they consider visiting the property. Your photos will be your frontline in the marketplace to market the property as it represents your listing.

Why we think real estate photography helps real estate agents.

Availing real estate photography can help make your properties shine more. The challenges of real estate photography get in the way though, your photos might hinder prospects’ interest. In any kind of photography, it necessitates that you’re prepared ahead of time and you get the job right. There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes in terms of taking high-quality real estate photos, not the least of which is exploring the whole property beforehand and developing a short to-do list. Note that it isn’t always possible to scout the property ahead of time. There are moments when you will encounter some problems photographing a home. Your experience will help you get through the things needed for the actual shoot.

More and foremost, explore the property with the realtor and homeowner, to develop a better sense of what features you need to highlight (and those that you should try to avoid taking pictures of). The key to better real estate photography is to do your diligence, be as prepared as possible. You can always meet these challenges and take beautiful photos.

Professionals always use unique selling points like a spacious entertainment room, amazing backyards, or the view out of the master bedroom. Enhancing these selling points, real estate agents who hire professional photographers have a better chance of selling the home. Real estate photography helps realtors to sell a property quickly regardless of the value. Having great photography when the listing will represent your brand and most especially who you are as a realtor. People will be more engaged with the listing because they have more to see.

How it can help real estate.

Supporting and partnering with real estate photographers will increase the longevity of your business by creating quality content. As time goes by, competition becomes wider, devices and tools become better and more sophisticated. Online platforms become more robust, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) expanded to the industry. Aside from photography, real estate videos or Video tours have always been a part of the real estate business nowadays.

Most realtors also hire professional photographers to shoot their listings, because of the fact that buyers spend most of their time, approximately 60% looking at listing photos, and just 20% on each description from the listing and agents. Homes presented with high-quality photos receive 47% higher asking price at closing per square foot. More or less 83% of buyers perceive pictures as an important factor of a home that they will purchase.

You will only have two seconds if you don’t have photos and 20 if you do have. Accordingly, photos that have been professionally photographed can sell up to $19,000 more. Based on studies (PR Newswire) it can be 32% faster to sell a home with a high-quality photo. It can spend only fewer days on the market versus other homes with low-quality photos. Listings that have professional photos receive 118% or more online views compared to those without.  

It really helps!

A place like Miami, Florida is ranked as number 5 in the highest demand in real estate photography. It gives us an idea that Miami has been one of the most diverse places when it comes to real estate photographs. Miami real estate photography spreads throughout the region. Most of the home listings will be benchmarked in the marketplace in social media. In addition, there would also be hashtags like #miamirealestatephotography in the postings. The hashtags will let your property be visible. In addition, through the hashtags, it will be compared to other properties in the same area.

Real estate photography helps realtors’ listings to stand out from surrounding homes for sale, special if the photography is done right. Though on the surface it may seem like real estate photography is just as simple as pointing your camera at home, kitchen, bedroom, etc. and just pressing the shutter button, the reality is much different when you think of it deeper, the photos you take either make or break a sale entirely.

What do you think?

Real estate photography can also show off amenities around the property that will surely add value and make the asking price not a factor when buyers make a decision. Your listing will get more chances of being sold after availing of professional real estate photography. Greater chances also will come with the right advertisement on social media. It can always accelerate the exposure of the listing and will take it over to the top.

The Real Estate photos will be an asset and will create attraction, self-promotion opportunities and will receive more offers. So hiring a real estate photographer is an investment in creating more work buyers for yourself. Real estate photography can play a big factor in selling your property. Investing in a professional photographer does sound pricey. But think about the money that you would invest would turn into money that you can spend afterward.

With that being said, realtors have to rely heavily on their listing photos. Without having a good and professional photo, the property will take longer to sell and get the home in front of the right people. Now, reading some facts we’ve given, do you also think that real estate photography helps agents to close a deal? If you have considered real estate photography will help you, contact us through social media by clicking the icons or call us at the phone numbers below.

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