Effective staging tips are necessary for real estate photography. If you’ve ever pondered over staging a house for real estate photography, then you probably know the benefits of doing so. Preparing your home for real estate photos isn’t as complicated as most people think (at least, not like brain surgery).

When you are selling a house, it is quintessential that show it at its best state to attract potential buyers. This is where home staging comes in handy.

Staging a house is a decorating method. It is aimed at highlighting a house’s most impressive assets. This should excite potential buyers, such that they could imagine themselves moving in and living there. When the right staging is done, it shouldn’t be a hassle selling the house quickly.

Statistics have shown that almost 50% of buyer’s agents attest to the fact a good home staging has a huge effect on how a buyer views a home. About 77% of these numbers say that it makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their own. On the sellers’ agent side, 21% report that home staging increases the value of a home between 6% and 10%. In addition, 39% note that it greatly decreases the total amount of time a home remains on the market.

There is so much to gain and little to lose when you stage a property you intend to sell. With these benefits in mind, it only makes sense for people to invest quality time and effort into staging their homes. Fortunately, you do not need to spend a lot of money; we’ve highlighted some important and affordable tips for your next real estate staging.

Whether you’re just getting ready to sell or you are trying to add new life to a stagnant listing, carefully go through these 5 effective staging tips for your next real estate photography. These effective staging tips should help you sell your home faster and make more money.

1. Effective Staging Tips include Getting Rid of Clutter

This is one of the most affordable, yet important tips we have to share with you. As professionals in the real estate photography niche, we cannot stress enough the importance of making your real estate photos look nice and clean. The bitter truth is, there are homes that buyers will not even want to visit, let alone buy because in their real estate photos, clutters made them envision only but a little space offering.

You do not have to spend forever getting rid of things. We recommend removing random papers from all surfaces, un-seasonal clothes, non-minimalistic décor, games, toys, and pretty much anything else you know would take up space unnecessarily. You could store them neatly somewhere else (maybe in a closet), which is out of the camera focus.

5 Effective Staging Tips For Your Next Real Estate Photography
Staged House For Real Estate Photography

The less clutter you’ve got in the space to be photographed, the bigger it will look and the more appealing it will be to buyers.

2. Reduce Personalization

It is quite common for your home to be an abode of items and aesthetics that are personal, sentimental, inherited, or hand-made. Although these may not initially be on your list of items to stow away, it is imperative to set the home as a blank canvas for prospective buyers during the staging process.

Helping prospective buyers visualize the available home space as their own is one of the key objectives of staging. An awesome strategy to achieve this is to keep the space devoid of personal touches. The idea is to subtly suggest that the home is open for personal touches on the side of the buyer, as he/she may choose.

It is possible for people to subconsciously generate opinions on the potential of a building based on personal items that are visible in real estate photos. While some people may envision positive promises, others may out rightly relate to the personal items in a negative light. To avert this, it is best to allow the prospective buyer to see themselves in the home, by reducing or eliminating personalization.

You could start by removing personal photos, hangings on the walls and fridges, toys, etc. Remember to also remove religious, political, and social relics. To help buyers better connect to the property, conserve a neutral touch, even while maintaining style and fascination.

3. Improve Lightings

Effective lighting could improve the welcoming effect of your home a great deal. Brighten up the space for staging with as much controlled light as possible. This may involve opening the blinds on all or some of the windows for natural illumination, as well as turning on all the lights in the house, including lamps and closet lights. This will help to even out the lighting in the space.

Ensure that when working with natural light, you do not allow unnecessary harsh shadows to be thrown all over the space. This mostly happens when the afternoon sun is blazing into your rooms. You should be already familiar with your space, and so we advise that you look for the best time where there will be indirect sunlight penetrating the room.

4. Maintain a Clean and Welcoming Atmosphere

You need to give your home the most possible flawless appearance when staging for real estate photography. This might involve cleaning as you’ve never done before, patching and repairing, and sometimes fresh painting the room. It may seem tedious but the reward will be amazing.

When showcasing your home for sale, you want every part of it to gloss. Simple tasks like dusting your window blinds, cleaning your baseboards and ceilings would go a long way to make your home shine and stand out.

If there are scratches, holes, and piercings in the house, now is a good time to tackle them. Remove scuffs and scratches from walls, fill the holes, get rid of wear and tears, and be sure the room sparkles.

A fresh paint job would be a very effective and quintessential part of your real estate photography staging.  If you notice rooms or sections with dark or faded shades of colors, then consider painting them.

Remember, a clean and welcoming home suggests to the buyers that the owners took good care of the property, assuring them of comfy.

5 Effective Staging Tips For Your Next Real Estate Photography
Real Estate Photography Staging

5. Re-arrange Furniture in a Minimalistic Way

When staging your home for real estate photos, re-arrange your furniture in a way that will capture the mind of the buyer. You may use the camera focus to ascertain where there should be minimalism in the furniture set. Your aim should be to present as much open and walkable space as possible.

If some furniture like side stools, cabinets, and chairs are in excess, consider taking them out of the shot. Be sure to remove furniture that is oversized, damaged or that may obstruct a nice view or lighting effect. Also, ensure that the furniture you’ll showcase in the photo is not obsolete as far as that niche is concerned. A few nice pieces from family and friends could be a feasible option.


We hope that you have enjoyed our 5 effective staging tips for your real estate photography and that you have found our home staging tips for preparing your home for real estate photos useful. There are a few more things we’d love you to consider.

Do you want to know how you can make your real estate pictures look professional? Consider hiring a professional photographer. You’ve already spent time and money to stage your property for sale. A skilled photographer will greatly complement your effort, to make sure your photos are exquisite and captivating.

Most people ask, ‘‘what should you not do when staging a house?”. One common reply from us is – Showcasing many bold colors is what you should not do when staging a house. Make sure the color scheme is neutral. You don’t want colors to be a source of a turn-off for buyers. Colors like gray, white, and taupe will not be a source of unnecessary distraction. A neutral tone gives the buyer an opinion that they can easily personalize the home with their colors.

Speaking of the front entrance, please try as much as you can to make it give an awesome first impression. Most buyers give a lot of consideration to the entrance of homes. Remove dirt, trim the lawn, and do not include the drainage in the shots.

Focus more of your attention on rooms like the master bedroom, living room, kitchen, and any other room that has the biggest potential to influence buyers’ decisions.

Remove fluff from the carpets, wrinkles from bed sheets, pillows, curtains, carpets, etc. Cameras are very sensitive and tend to aggravate their looks.


When you make smart decisions through these effective staging tips for real estate photography, you’ll not only spend less money, you’ll present a clean and well-thought-out visual standard for the entire property. This will add value to your home and entice potential buyers to give you a call. If you have considered real estate photography will help you, contact us at the phone numbers below.

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