Google 360 Virtual Tours for Business

One of the secrets of having a successful business is the customer itself. Giving them the best experience especially with the initial interaction with your company will always leave an impact in the customer’s point of view. Nowadays, most of the people go online whenever they need something. Products, services, looking for a place or looking for a house to buy or anything under the sun.  For business owners and property sellers, this is a chance for them to show their potential customers and buyers on what they can offer or to show them what the establishment or property really looks like even if those customers are in a different side of this world. So, let us talk more about now the things we (as a customer, buyers, sellers and as a business owner) need to know about Google 360 Virtual Tours for businesses.

What’s Google 360 Virtual Tours for businesses?

It’s a service established by Google in April 2010. Virtual tours work the same way as the street view on Google where you can check a place, street or inside businesses. It has 360° panoramic views and even 3D views inside businesses that are attached to your Google My Business. Checking things like where is the nearest parking? Where is the main entrance? And other stuff like that will be very convenient for people especially if it’s their first time visiting the place. For businesses, Google virtual tour is a good way to sell your business or property to your potential customer or buyer. Show them how clean, how coordinate or how cozy your place is. This can be a stepping stone for a business and property sellers to showcase what is inside their property.

Real Estate Photography

Technology nowadays seems to evolve really fast and to take advantage of these changes  can really benefit both property sellers and buyers. Buyers can actually find what they are looking for with real estate photography. For real estate photography, location and size of the property can be tricky. So hiring professional photographers will be your best options. Buyers have different tastes when it comes to getting a property. Showing them a variety of unique pictures of your property, capturing the right angle of a certain room or capturing the house itself at the right time of the day to get that perfect shot will definitely attract a buyer.  Having us to capture and shoot those perfect shots for your virtual tour can give your buyers a unique experience.

Google 360 Virtual Tours for Business

To sum up what we talked about earlier, Google virtual tours for business is the convenient way to visit a property. For a property seller who wants to be more competitive with other property sellers in the market, giving your potential buyers a one of a kind virtual tour experience is one of the keys to make a buyer have an inquiry for your property. Since the market for property is growing really fast we have launched the 360 Virtual tours for Google. This is one of our new services that we offer. With this service, you can give your buyer their own unique experience for the virtual tour. Want to know why? This is not just your typical panorama shot inside your property. With this service, buyers can really check and see what’s inside your property. They can tour themselves virtually. They can enter rooms like, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms and other stuff like that. With the power of street view Google, buyers can also check outside the property like parking, nearest groceries, parks, amenities and neighborhood. Your buyers can feel like they are really inside your property and this is how you can take advantage in showcasing your property. You can really show your buyers how nice, cozy and clean your property is and, in this way, a 360 virtual tour for Google can make an impact for your buyers and can help your marketing strategies to be ahead with other competitors. 

Is it worth it?

This is a common question we hear from small business owners, entrepreneurs or even property sellers who are new to this service by Google. Well for selling a property or for having a business, regardless of the size of the property you are selling, every option is worth it. If you are an entrepreneur who is much focused on the expenses or profit of your business or if you are selling your property and thinking that this is just another unnecessary expense, well think again because this service will always be the best option to showcase your business and your property to your potential leads, customers and buyers. Remember, you can do this yourself. You can make or create your own google virtual tour and all you need is your 3D camera and you are good to go. But if you don’t have time to create your own google virtual tour for your business or property, if you’re too busy to do it or if you want to be more competitive with other property sellers then hiring a professional real estate photographer to do the job will always be your best option. Working with a team of professionals who have their own high definition cameras and have experience in photography, I can say your money is in good hands and you will definitely love their state-of-the-art work. So, is it worth it? Of course, yes! A virtual tour can be an advertisement and any form of an advertisement for a business and/or property is worth it. Especially with this pandemic, we need to consider those buyers who wish to stay at home and look for a new property at the same time. There are also buyers who are too busy with their own businesses or jobs and can’t even set up a meeting to visit the property that you are selling. Creating these virtual tours can reach out those buyers virtually to visit your property with the power of their fingertips.