Is Real Estate Photography Important for Vacation Rental

As a host using this vacation rental platform, you will have access to a lot of tools to help lead your real estate photography business to success. One resource you will want to rely on is the information about Airbnb Photography Service. Why is Real Estate Photography Important for Vacation Rental Business? This tool will help you explain why Airbnb is useful to your photos in presenting your property well. It will also help clients who are going to book their travel accommodation online know exactly what to expect.

Airbnb and Real Estate Photography

The most important thing you have to do on Airbnb is to make your listing, and you certainly need good real estate photos to go along with this. The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” really holds true in the vacation rental business. The images that you put on your property is obviously the first thing that will impress any potential guest’s eye. Of course, the price you are asking for the rental is also essential. But it is the photos that really depict what guests can expect for the money they will be paying. It doesn’t matter whether it is an apartment, a room, a house, or any other type of property, it must show well in your photographs.

When travelers look online for a vacation rental on Airbnb, the search results show primary property photos before anything else. If you want to perform well on Airbnb, be very intentional about the pictures you choose to feature. Make your decision based on your area and your marketing competition. For instance, if you have a Miami property with a pool, show the pool in your primary photo. If you have a spacious living area and usually host large groups of people, you’ll want that to be in your primary photo.

Benefits of Real Estate Photography in AirBnB Listings

More than anything, real estate photography should be done by a professional photographer. Professional photographers know how to promote your rental in the best light, both literally and physically speaking. In some cities, Airbnb now offers hosts the opportunity to request a professional real estate photoshoot of their property. If professional photography is not accessible in your area, Airbnb does provide some additional tips on how to take great photos of your listing.

Many Airbnb guests are used to the professionalism and expertise of booking a property. Supplying a wide range of professional photography is an effective way to stand out and compete with other real estate photographers. Airbnb is a useful tool for vacation rental owners. Every month, millions of potential clients and guests visit the site to browse accommodations and book vacation rentals. It’s obviously one of the leading platforms for vacation rentals today but it takes extra effort to be a successful host.

Real Estate Photography Shows Features of AirBnBs

Ironically, the biggest reason that poor real estate photos drive away guests isn’t even the images themselves. It’s that they sap trust. When most guests see poor listing photos, they think to themselves, “If they got this wrong, where else are they cutting corners?” According to a Learnairbnb survey, only about 15% higher. But the unlucky truth is that listing photos are like the top of the sales funnel. If not enough potential clients or guests are clicking on the primary photo, it’s nearly impossible to create enough sales at the other end. Airbnb did an internal study and claims that photo listings with professional-level photographs earn 40% more sales than those without.

The most important thing in Real Estate Photography for Vacation Rental Business is the quality of the photos you present. The study identified 12 separate parameters of Airbnb listing photos that could be optimized. Things like brightness, composition, and image clarity. Each parameter was assessed in terms of how many extra nights of a booking might be gained from optimization. The results were dramatic. First, 72% of the half-million photos analyzed were characterized as “low-quality”. And even more important, if all 12 parameters were optimized, a rental could potentially book an extra 60+ nights per year! If you have considered real estate photography will help you, call us at the phone numbers below.

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