Are Virtual or Video Tours worth it? Over the years, technology has introduced so much development in several ways, which have improved human lives, businesses, and careers and also influenced lifestyle. The real estate industry is not left out in this advancement; typical methods in business are upgraded and revitalized to bring great outputs and results.

Nowadays, a Real estate agent/realtor can now have a potential buyer take a complete tour of the properties on the list, even without a physical presence. This can only be possible through a Virtual or Video Tour. The potential buyer gets to inspect every corner, utility of the property, sightseeing might have to take place on the day he/she moves in before being satisfied with what was seen during the virtual tour. A Virtual or Video Tour is not far from what you are thinking right now, but it is pertinent to note that these two are significantly not the same thing, however, they both do the same thing – showcase the property.

What is a Virtual Tour?

A Virtual Tour is a digital presentation or display of a location using still images or videos. This sequence of videos or still images gives the user the chance to virtually cruise between images and explore every angle of the property. A buyer can view the property in any direction through the virtual tour. There are different types of virtual tours to showcase properties.

  • Video Tours
  • 360/Panoramic Tours
  • Floor Plan Tours
  • Still Photo Tours

 A virtual tour is solely to present to the potential buyer a realistic view of the property being presented on the tour, making it relevant in real estate where a life-like 3D view of a home or property can be presented to interested purchasers. 

What is a Video Tour?

A video tour is a complete motion video of the property. The video tour, unlike the virtual tour, is a direct walk-through of a location. With a digital camera or any visual recording device, the property is filmed mostly at a walking pace with a continuous movement from one point to another throughout the subject location or property. It is indeed a great tool in real estate marketing, Virtual tours can make a huge difference in how swiftly and successfully you sell your property.


Are Virtual or Video Tours worth it?

Are Virtual or Video Tours Worth It?
Virtual or Video Tours

Eager to find out if the virtual tours are worth it? Or let’s put that it is yet another strategy for the realtor to allow for an increase in price biddings of properties on the listing. This could be true, but the usefulness of virtual tours is significantly interesting and efficient. The potential buyer gets to have a great feel of a location, digitally. No stress whatsoever.

Virtual Tours Give Lots of Property Information

A Real estate video tour is almost like being inside a home or commercial property, the buyer gets a better sense of a property’s layout, size, and lighting than normal photographs would present. Video tours can allow buyers to go through multiple homes quickly, helping them in their findings without having to visit or be present at many properties in person.

Convenient Tours at the Comfort of Home

Buyers can tour a property as many times as they would want to or even show it to someone else without having to schedule additional in-person visits. This creates an immediate sense of ownership, propelling the potential buyer to own the property in view. The Video or Virtual tour informs the client that you are up to date with cutting-edge technologies and solutions. These days, real estate companies and realtors engage in the use of digital marketing solutions, these strategies prove a high sense of versatility, and of course, the clients will be impressed by such developments. Having access to a location in one’s comfort without necessarily having to be on the spot is a beautiful toolkit for the realtor.

Virtual Tours Increase Efficiency

When you put up properties on your listing, you will start receiving hundreds of calls inquiring about the properties of potential buyers. Meeting all of them and scheduling a physical tour might be time-consuming and difficult in some cases. Besides, a number of them are just curious about the property and are not ready to buy. The Virtual Tour will serve time and allow you more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Open house events are a big part of any realtor’s business and there is a lot of work to do. The Realtor gets to schedule the event, plan for it, allocate a reasonable time for it.  It also involves keeping track of contact information gathered during the event, and this is cumbersome. A virtual tour digitalizes this event, if not all of it. The realtor keeps the properties “open” on continuous display and can gather feedback and suggestions via social media channels.

Virtual Tours are Cost-Effective

Fortunately, a virtual tour reduces the cost of physical on-site touring. Transportation of real estate agents to and forth to meet with potential buyers could squander a huge amount of finances; so much money will be spent on gas. It becomes depressing if there is no guarantee of the potential buyer acquiring the property. You might have to go around several properties on your listing and not even a single interest in any of them. It could be that the buyer does not like the hallway in one of the listings, or they would have preferred an office space with a large garden behind for corporate parties or the settlement does not fit his/ her lifestyle.

After all of these, who gets to fill up the finances used? The virtual or video tour will help the realtor evade all of that. A virtual or video tour is no magic. However, it brings an enhanced experience of what the property looks like in reality. This experience cannot be the same as what is obtainable using still photographs. The potential buyer gets to visualize him/herself occupying the property from just his comfort zone. As a result, you are more likely to attract them to your property from this experience. Voila, it is a closed deal already.

Virtual Tours Help Collaboration

A virtual or video tour also allows the potential buyer to be a part of the suggestions during construction and completion. The property can then be developed according to the additive suggestions and wishes of the buyer, who has a feel of the property. He can control the decor and setting of the furniture from wherever he/ she is.



In summary, are our Virtual or Video Tours Worth It?  Yes! a Virtual or Video tour is important for the Real estate agent and the potential buyer. It abates lots of time-consuming physical tours, allowing the agent the opportunity to provide real-time feedback to several potential buyers from the comfort of his office. It is a method for seeing the expected exterior and interior possibilities of a property. This means that the potential buyer gets to see what the completed project is looking or will look like. The buyer can have a walk-through on such property. They can also send in comments and suggestions before, during, and even after the completion of the project. Indeed, a great sense of ownership. This technology is excellent for reaching out to foreign clients. This is also perfect for people who want to buy property from a remote location. 

Navigation becomes easy and comprehensive; the potential buyer already loves the property, from a distance. Virtual tours are really important in the real estate industry; it is a powerful marketing tool and the rate of sales generation or output is applicable. Virtual tours initiate interested and qualified prospects and increase conversion rates on properties, especially high-end properties.

It is indeed a beautiful and fruitful experience!

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