Let’s face it, we are now living in a digital age where most homebuyers look on the internet for properties to buy. A 2017 study of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) stated that fifty-one percent of homebuyers found the home they purchased online. This proves that the internet has become an important tool in searching for homes and an important tool for selling properties as well. Having your own real estate property website will help you build your online presence and awareness, increase your credibility and branding, showcase your listings in a wider reach, and generates quality leads. Real estate agents who do not have their websites may be missing out. In fact, developing a website is the most used real estate marketing strategy that successful real estate agents follow. 

Essential Features to Include on Your Real Estate Property Website


Google Maps made it easier for everyone to share locations online. Show your homebuyers where the listing is located. You can also point out hotspots nearby that can add interest to your listing. 

Contact Information

Did you ever go on a website and you can’t find a contact detail to reach them? If yes, then you know how annoying it is. You don’t want that to happen to your web visitors. Never forget to include your contact details on your website. This will make potential homebuyers easily find your number or email to call or send you a message. 

Your Services and Brand Introduction

Your website is the best place to introduce your field of expertise and as a brand. Including your expertise and services on your website will let your viewers know what benefits they can get from you. What services do you offer? Why should they choose you? Also, What makes you better? A little personal and brand introduction will also help you gain your viewers’ trust. It is important that all information is updated, reliable, and verified.

360 Virtual 3D Panorama Tour

There is no other cooler way to show around your listing than using a 360 real estate virtual tour. 360 virtual tours allow homebuyers to really look around a property without even literally stepping inside the property. 360 real estate virtual tours will also give you an edge on the competition. Especially to the techy millennial buyers.

Photo and Video Gallery

Yes! Beautiful photos of your listings. Attention-grabbing real estate photos will make your viewers stop and stare at your website. In fact, the internet is a visual vision. “Wow!” your audience with a stunning slideshow featuring your best listings. The key to having an attention-grabbing photo galley is professional real estate photography.

Why do you need professional real estate photos?

Because, first, it will help your listings sell fast. Second, it is what homebuyers prefer to see. Therefore, beautiful photos will bring your property more attention and interest. Last, It adds value to your listing. Read related articles here.

Useful Features For Your Real Estate Website

Social Media Buttons

This could be very helpful. Including social media buttons on your listings will allow your website visitors to share your listings on their social media profiles. Thus, more shares, more websites, and listing views.

Review section

Including a review section on your real estate website will give you the chance to share your previous clients’ thoughts about your service with your audience. This will help you prove your credibility and effectiveness as a real estate professional. 

Blog and consistent content

Writing short but informative and helpful articles for your website could help increase your website’s traffic. People search everything on google and writing about a topic-related article is good. Consistently adding new content helps your website ranks higher on search engines and you’ll be found more easily.

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A real estate property website with the right content strategy is a promising way to generate high-quality leads. In today’s digital age, there is no doubt that consumers/customers/homebuyers do transactions and activities online. And as business and services providers, building your online presence is wise and essential. Proper handling and promising marketing strategies, it will make your brand succeed in the long run. 

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