Showing more space when marketing your home for sale is a unique strategy you should use during staging. These days, it is not ideal to list a house without staging it, unless you are certain that your extreme confidence will earn you the sale. It has been proven that staging a home increases its market value. It is online that most buyers first see a home. For this reason, excellent photographs matter. And if the home in the picture(s) looks too cluttered (not spacious), it may not encourage potential buyers to visit. On the flip side, if space is in excess, the prospective buyers may not develop much emotional attachment with the property, and sales might become difficult. One of the most crucial factors to consider during staging a home for marketing is spacing. It is from this motive that a lot of controversies have erupted over the subject (of spacing a home when marketing it for sale).


Show More Space When Marketing Your Home For Sale


Pros of Showing More Space When Offering Your Home for Sale

There is a constant emphasis on creating more space(s) in homes during marketing. This is because it has a direct connection to the mental & physical well-being of the persons who live there. Potential property buyers understand this. They consider this factor as quintessential when looking at real estate photos.

Below are some advantages of showing more space when marketing your home for sale.

1. It makes the home look bigger

When you declutter a home and realize more space, it gives people a natural feeling that the room has become bigger. Most real estate experts believe that showing more space in a home (decluttering) visually expands the home as opposed to selling a cluttered house. In the prospective buyer’s mind, there is an imprinted perception that the room is big and just right.

2. It gives the home a nice and clean look

A spacious and arranged home looks nice and clean. It is devoid of clutter, and it does not include most things that might visually present a dirty look in the shot. Potential buyers admire pictures that portray spaces, as it gives them a lovely and fresh look.

3. It makes the home more appealing to potential buyers

A home that is not spacious could be quite distracting. Whereas, one that is spacious even on a photo is more appealing to prospective buyers (decluttering benefits). When you show more space during marketing, prospective buyers will imagine their future in the home. They transcend into warm leads, and it becomes easier to convert them to real buyers.

4. It increases the value of the home 

Remember that prospective buyers’ perceptions govern most buying decisions. With the other advantages highlighted above, you can see that it all points to one direction-increase in value. When you show more space during home staging, it will show that you have properly maintained the apartment. The clean look, the appeal, and the perceived size all sum up to increase the value of the property.


How to Make Your Home Look More Spacious When Marketing

Within your control is the look and feel of your home. Other factors like market conditions and location may be out of control. It is therefore pertinent to declutter your home while staging it for sale. This is a brilliant strategy when offering your home for sale.

Here are some easy tips to show more space: 

1. Remove random and Irrelevant Items

You should remove items like papers from all surfaces. Unseasonal clothes should follow suit. Do not forget to remove non-minimalistic décor, games, and toys. This is one of the best ways to make your home look more spacious and ready for marketing.

2. Rearrange the furniture

Rearrange your furniture and aim to present as much walkable space as possible. You should show this in reality or in the real estate photo. Are you considering what to pack up when trying to sell a house? Your excess furniture is the best bet.

3. Remove personalization

People subconsciously generate opinions on a building’s potential based on the personal items they see on the real estate photos. It makes them envision a rather crowded space that has a negative aura. Remove wall hangings, personal photos, and the likes, and your home will look more spacious for marketing.


Cons of Showing More Space When Marketing Your Home for Sale

As with most things in life, there are some cons associated with showing more space during home staging. To show more space, you need to declutter. But decluttering has some downsides. Some of them include:

1. Guilt

Have you ever found an old item in the house that made you laugh out loud or cry? That’s emotions at work. Most times, we tie it to items we value a lot. Some people get tied to certain items because of emotions, and at other times because of obligation.

When trying to showcase more space during real estate staging, you may develop a sense of guilt for taking down or decluttering some items you attached yourself to. This is something you should prepare yourself for if you want to sell your property.

2. Vague Emotional Connection

There’s a widely held saying — “Too much of anything is bad”. This concept applies even to staging for real estate photography. You need to show some space when marketing your home. However, showing more than necessary space could alter the desired motive. Remember that your intention is for prospective buyers to fall in love, aspire to live there, and can imagine their family in that home.

When you go extreme by showing way too much space, the home may appear lifeless, cold, and sterile. This is not exactly an emotion you want prospects to feel. People don’t just buy houses: they are buying homes, and they are buying lifestyles!

3. Too much space easily shows the flaws in a room

Nothing in life is perfect. Some people are often opinionated based on certain personal factors. We can relate to showing too much space during the marketing of your home for sale to walking around unclad. Prospective buyers may discover a lot of hidden flaws. This is not to debunk making your home neat, clean, and bright.

It is just a reminder that no matter how much work you have input, you should not expect 100% perfection. Some prospects could be tough, giving thought to every single detail. A tiny crack in the ceiling’s corner, some damp under the window frame, a blemish on the wall. It may surprise you. You do not want your prospective buyers to focus on the negative elements in the room, do you?


How to Tackle Excess Spacing When Marketing Your Home for Sale

Highlighted below are effective tips you could use to tackle excess space in your home during marketing;

1. Staging the home 

Over the years, homeowners have realized the upside potential of staging. It has convinced even property agents that staging adds dollars to the net bottom line for the seller. Staging aims to highlight the home’s most impressive assets and excite potential buyers.

When you stage a home correctly, you will consider and use the excess space at its best to attract potential buyers. In this post, we covered 5 effective staging tips for your next real estate photography.

2. Professional Photography

You want your home photos to look clean and appealing with just the right amount of space? Consider hiring a professional photographer. A skilled photographer should be able to complement your effort, to ensure that your photos stand out and align with the buyers’ emotions.

3. Furniture (re) arrangement

The arrangement pattern of your furniture should captivate the minds of your prospects. You should present an appealing space offering. If the furniture is too small, a workable option could be your family and friends. You don’t want to expose all the flaws in the building and lose the emotional connection of your prospects.

Show More Space When Marketing Your Home For Sale
clean and appealing professional real estate photography staging



We hope that you’ve enjoyed this article. Remember, what you find worth doing should be done well. You’ve already spent time and effort preparing your home for marketing. Embrace the tips that will allow buyers to visualize the home as already theirs. Avoid mistakes that will cost you money and time.

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