As the effect of the still-on-going pandemic, all markets went dramatically down. The real estate market didn’t make an exception. On the bright side, according to statistics and surveys, Miami real estate market remains strong. In fact, according to from their November 2020 report, homes listed for sale in the Orlando market are lower than home buyers. This makes the competition among real estate agents tight, as well as competition among Miami Real Estate Photographer.

As a result of the tight competition in the real estate market real estate photography services have become in demand as a marketing tool. Disappointingly, there are still a lot of real estate agents who doubt the impact of hiring a professional. 

Homebuyers these days prefer using their electronics as online platforms become more robust. Buyers look for properties online before meeting with a real estate agent. Buyers look for property photos for a specific reason and that is to find their dream house but also fits their budget. The goal of your photos must be to envision what life is like inside the house. That is what professional real estate photographers are trained to provide. 

Three main reasons why you should consider hiring a professional real estate photographer

Your Listings Will Sell Fast – Let’s admit it, besides the intention to help home buyers, the main goal is to sell fast. Using professional photos for promotions makes a big difference. PR Newswire reported that 32% of listings that used professional help sell faster than those that did not. Also, properties with higher quality photos may result in a higher asking price. According to the Wall Street Journal, listings that used professional photos gain up to $116,076 at the closing table. Besides, Listings that have more photos sell faster compared to those that have fewer.

Quality and efficiency – The fact that professional real estate photographers have gone through proper training and equipped with the best; you will most likely receive high-quality results. When homebuyers search for homes on the internet, photos are the main features that they look at. High-quality photos look more appealing and professional. Real estate photographers are also trained for technical details such as lighting, angles, composition, editing; even putting emotions on the pictures. Quality gives efficiency.

Beautiful portfolio, win more listings – Most of our decisions, judgments, and perceptions are based on what our eyes can see. Humans are naturally visual creatures. Professional photos make a beautiful portfolio and build credibility. If you’re a realtor, using professional photos makes you win more listings; as sellers will most likely be impressed that their homes can look beautiful in the market, resulting in sales. Delivering gorgeous photos will give your clients a lasting impression of your quality output. The unfair reality is, we judge a book by the cover. Poor photos will be forgotten in a snap while a beautiful picture will make anyone note. 

Additional benefits…

Save time – As an agent, time is a valuable commodity. Taking good photos requires a considerable amount of time. To come up with a high-quality photo, proper edit and process are also needed. Hiring professionals will handle those stressful processes and will save you time.

Solid social media page – Social media is a great place to market your listings. Visual content is what is all about on social media. Having pro-quality and beautiful photos in your library is wise. The brutal truth is, a social media page with professional-looking and beautiful content gains more audience and followers.

Details matter – Professional real estate photographers can capture details that could add personality and character to a property’s exterior and interior shots. Never underestimate the benefit of details, those details will make a property stand out.

Builds your brand – By investing in a professional Miami real estate photographer, you are also investing for your brand. Therefore, Using professional photos on all your listings will create brand consistency.

Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Photographer for your Miami Listing
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What’s the difference?

A professional real estate photographer knows how to scout a listing before a shoot, prepare and plan for what is needed. Real estate photographers do not just take pictures, they can create the sense of lifestyle that you are trying to sell.  Amateur photos are just images without elements on them.  

What makes a photo professional?

Three factors make a photo professional. First, the person behind the camera. A professional photographer that has undergone proper training. Second, the equipment used by the photographer to shoot the photos. The third is the skills and the ability of a professional photographer to add characters into a photo.

Before hiring a professional real estate photographer…

Check past works and experience – Most professional photographers have websites where you can check on their previous works. Your photographer must know how to make your listing look its best. You can also ask their previous clients for more advice.

Do they have pro-level equipment for real estate photography? – Equipment is very important. Equipment must be suited and can do all the needed tasks. A professional real estate photographer has made considerable investments in the right gear to do all the needed work. 

Check offered service range of specialties – The best professional real estate photographers offer a full range of services design to meet their client’s needs and expectations. Find a professional that is invested in keeping up with the changing trends and market. 

How quickly can they provide you their finished work – A professional Miami real estate photographer knows how important turnaround time in the real estate industry. The perfect real estate photographers are the ones who can come up with the best quality works even with a short amount of time. 


Investing in professional real estate photographers will always be worth it. Sellers hire professional real estate agents for their properties, thus, agents should commit to quality representation of the seller’s property. Professional photos will help you generate leads and make you stand out as a brand. Digital images can easily and professionally showcase a listing and homebuyers appreciate the convenience that comes with it.