Humans are naturally visual creatures. In fact, we base most of our decisions, judgment, and perceptions on what our eyes see. High-quality pictures propose a high-quality home. This means you need to impress your buyers from their device screen before they consider visiting the property. In fact, The importance of professional real estate photography in selling real estate properties in Orlando is the utmost. High-quality photos create a significant effect to home buyers.

In the competitive nature of the real estate industry, the struggle of real estate professionals to stay ahead of the game is real. Marketing properties is one of the most challenging parts of being a real estate agent. meanwhile, the influence of the internet and social media, and continuous technological development have made the struggle lesser. 

It is estimated that about ninety-two percent of home buyers use the internet or social media platforms to search for properties. Most of them will base their decisions on how a property is presented. Professional real estate photos can make a huge difference to the first impression that your buyers have of your property. 

According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), “Listings with nicer photos gain anywhere between $935 and $116,076.” It totally makes sense. Presenting your property with professional real estate photos will give you the upper hand during the price negotiation process.

Orlando real estate photography

Get the upper hand during the negotiation phases.

Observations and trends confirm that listings that use professional real estate photos tend to sell at a much higher price rate compared to those that did not. More detailed and accurate images of the property are what most buyers prefer to see. 

If you want a faster turnaround time and a higher selling price, then consider hiring a professional real estate photographer. A professional real estate photographer has the skills to capture the best quality images that will help you. The proper and right equipment to capture images is also important. Pro photographers have invested in those gears and very knowledgeable with the techniques and different styles of taking photos. 

Outstanding presentation combined with high-quality real estate photos will make your property look like it should be worth more. Also, this will attract more interested buyers because they want the best value they can afford.

Real Estate Photography and Videography Trends

Real estate twilight photography – Twilight photography is specifically used to capture the exterior of the house. The vibe of the golden hour and the dusky color of the sky is what this photography style is all about. Twilight photography enhances the beauty of the property and presents it in a way homebuyers like to see. It showcases great landscape and property lighting.

Night or Twilight Photography by
Night or Twilight Photography

Aerial real estate photography – Aerial photography is done in an elevated vantage point, giving a literal bird’s eye view of a property. Therefore, drone photography can get high-quality images of the property’s unique features and even nearby landmarks. Aerial photographs will help you present other details and features of the property that ground images can’t. 

Real estate video tours – Including a video tour as a marketing tool will add attraction and elegance to your page. A video tour can be a successful resource since it showcases more details than pictures or textual descriptions. It is also proven and tested that using videos for advertisements helps move inventory listings by increasing sales. 

Another factor that adds value to your property

Proper home staging – Consulting a home stager is worth it. According to data by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), twenty-five percent of homebuyers are more likely to offer up to five percent for staged homes. 

Home stagers know how to beautify the space that will most likely help add value to the property. 

Physical home staging can be time-consuming and needs a lot of effort. On the bright side, virtual home staging is an effective alternative. Virtual home staging is the process of staging space, virtually and more creatively. 

Great Return of Investment

In the age that we are living today where the world is moving towards online shopping for everything; It makes sense that investing in professional real estate photography in Orlando is important. The images of your listing you put online play a strong role in its chances to be sold. Polls and studies prove that professional real estate photos will increase sales and speed and add price value to the property. The money you invested in professional real estate photography will be worth it considering the possibilities it offers. The ROI will likely pay for itself, easily. 

Professional vs. Amateur or DIY

It feels wrong to compare obvious differences. Doing it yourself isn’t bad at all. But if you want the best quality presentation for your Orlando listing, investing in professional real estate photography is highly advised. Real estate photography is an effective and influential tool in real estate marketing. It has the ability to convey emotion and information to home buyers. Therefore, it has the power to attract or drive buyers away. 

Cellphone camera vs. Professional camera – Cellphone cameras nowadays will sure take good-quality photos. But, do not settle for just good, go for the best quality. Professional real estate photography companies in Orlando have their DSLRs and everything needed to come up with professional photos. 

Professional training vs. Amateur – Unlike self-taught, professional real estate photographers have invested in proper training. Their passion and experiences have molded them into an expert in the field. Thus, providing their clients high-quality works is not hard. 

Dedication – Professional photographers are highly dedicated to what they do. And that is to provide their clients the best possible result. 


To summarize, Professional real estate photos will add value to your listing and help you sell quicker. It will also help you attract more buyers and win more listings. Investing in professional real estate photography gives you promising benefits as well as builds you as a brand. Photography has a unique and big impact on the Orlando real estate industry. Even the smaller homes that may not seem like much, real estate photography will help you brand yourself as someone who takes care of their clients no matter what.

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