To understand this article (Property of the Month – Continuum Tower Photography), let’s highlight a few interesting things about real estate photography. Real Estate Photography seems like the simplest thing in the world nowadays. However, this type of photography is incredibly complicated. Famous painters and artists put a lot of hours and energy to make realistic paintings long before the invention of photography. These photos were realistic visual representations of properties back then. These images were sold at high prices at auctions. People used these images to attract people who are interested to buy such properties. Those painters were smart as they evoked the feeling of the scene through painting.

Today, real estate photography has evolved to visually highlight the “reality” and “objective” of the properties more quickly, efficiently, and accurately than paintings. During our interior real estate photography shoot at Continuum Tower, we used powerful equipment coupled with various types of lenses, lighting gears, etc., appropriate for many different situations. We listed below some of the techniques we used to make this property look like a listing worth a million bucks:

Use of Wide Angle Field of View

Through the wide-angle lens, we realistically captured the space of our Property of the Month – Continuum Tower. We did this by shifting the lens and avoiding unnecessary distracting elements. The human eyes see the real world roughly in a 40mm perspective. Our vision is similar to the landscape format. We chose to incorporate something a little quirky, which made the room spaces a little more interesting.

Best Lighting Practice 

The biggest problem known in real estate photography is the art of getting the lighting right and perfect. As such, lighting either makes the space look warm and inviting or dark and dungeon-like. There are different challenges when it comes to lighting at various real estate properties. Interior lights often mismatch window lights and vice versa. This leads to overexposing that wonderful view outside the window into a total white blob. In some properties, dark corners become visible. This may be due to the improperly-placed interior lights. It can be tricky to get enough light into large rooms. 

The techniques in real estate photography vary depending on the homes in the market. A method that works great for a large vaulted ceiling living room may not work well in the bathroom. Mastering real estate photography needs several tricks. Photographers can use these tricks to solve photography problems in any property. By mastering our real estate lighting techniques, we perfected our shoot at the tower with the right lighting. This allowed potential homebuyers to see the amazing spectacular view out the window and the home’s interior in the same shot.

Good Weather Consideration

Property of the Month – Continuum Tower

Before hitting this prime location Continuum Tower, we made sure that the weather was right. We considered this factor before proceeding with the outshooting. The bright sunshine and clear skies enabled us to shoot and pilot the drone across landscapes. Here, we beautifully captured the shadows cast by the clouds.

Here are more features that made this property stand out professionally :

  1. Correct Horizon Line Level
  2. Correct Your Vertical Lines
  3. Well Achieved Even Exposure
  4. Attractive White Balance and Color
  5. Correct Lens Vignetting and Distortion 
  6. Color Fringing Removal 
  7. Staying in Focus
  8. Good Composition

As such, you will never find the pictures flat and boring when looking at them. All the elements are interesting. These photos selectively focus on the simplicity and modernity of the decor and design. We found these appealing. Additionally, we also captured the grandeur of what buyers want to see when they buy or rent the property. They can already visualize themselves inside the property through these photos. These images showcase the beautiful landscape from above the tower.

 In conclusion, our shoot at the prime location of Property of the Month – Continuum Tower exhibited an ultimate asset for a dwelling. Plus, we were also able to show its luxury. Appropriate details of the entire listing and surroundings were highlighted through the use of FastPromoUSA‘s photography, creativity, professionalism in composition, and techniques (angle, light, and weather). If you have considered real estate photography will help you, call us at the phone numbers below.

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