How important is it to have professional video tours when you’re selling commercial real estate?

In today’s day and age, imagination has leveled up. Visuals, generally speaking, have also leveled up by making almost everything virtually real. In fact, that’s what people want to experience – virtual reality. What does a certain thing REALLY look like? What does a certain phenomenon FEEL like? No wonder, Google promises to improve its geolocation map by making it 3D, and more real to its users. As humans, it’s safe to say that it’s part of our instinct to want to KNOW, FEEL and SEE what a certain thing is for our clarity and for the sake of knowing things. 

The same way goes for when we want to sell real estate –  we want our clients to know its looks. However, given some limitations brought about by unforeseen events, it’s hard for us to show real estate in real life. But, there’s no need to worry because it’s a good thing that professional video tours are made to help you help your clients visualize, see clearly, and get to know more about the commercial real estate that you want to sell.

Commercial Real Estate – The Importance of Professional Video Tours
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The commercial real estate market has evolved and has been more competitive in the 21st century. Many buyers, leasers, etc. are doing their own ways of researching the real estate that they want. Some do it by watching commercial real estate videos. If you want to up your game and be as competitive as others in the real estate industry, make sure to hire a professional production of real estate video tours. These videos will not just help them see your property. It will also provide your buyers – and prospects in general – sufficient information that they want to know about your property.

Having a professionally-done video tour for your real estate gives your prospect buyers a more detailed and more informative view of your place. It gives them the chance to be IN the place and see every detail at the comfort of their homes. Hence, you provide them a better sense and view of the place that they want to purchase.

With the fast-paced technological advancement happening around the globe, people are relying more on watching videos in getting information. In a study, the average person is likely to check on photos and videos of a place first before actually going to the property. Recent research also shows that 2 thirds of consumers are most likely to buy a product if they have seen a video about it. 

Some people tend to stray away from checking commercial real estate videos. They think that the said videos are filtered and give off a false perception. However, in reality, in many areas, video advertisements and promotions have better return of investments compared to nearly all other kinds of advertising. With the help of the internet, and social media, commercial real estate videos reach a great amount of audience, and help sell the property faster.  Remember: if you invest in high quality videos, and if you ensure that they are posted on the right platform, the cost of producing the said advertisement is won’t matter because of its long-term positive result.

Having a commercial real estate video will let your potential buyers picture themselves living in the property. These videos create a personal relationship with the buyer by letting them visualize what’s to come. It also makes them look forward to what’s in the property. 

The convenience that commercial real estate videos provide to your prospects is one of the best things you could offer them. At the time, physical home viewing was the norm for buyers when checking a property. This can be a limitation for them since not everyone can check on the property all at the same time.  But this time, you will let everyone have their home viewing at the comfort of their homes; and through their own gadgets ALL AT THE SAME TIME. 

These commercial videos are sharable. This reason is, perhaps, one of the competitive edge that you would have when your real estate is commercialized visually. The fact that your commercial videos can be seen by anyone and anywhere, lets you reach a wide audience already. Just by reaching these people makes your potential buyers spike up! 

The video made is easily integrated in social media. This is one of the advantages you get when you have an informative, clear, and concise real estate video. When you have good content that you can share to the people, you can post it on social media. Contents that you create are then, easily seen. It will also be understood by your prospects which gives your property a chance to be seen by many. 

Generally speaking, having a video as part of your way of advertising really gives a competitive edge among other sellers. The fact that you get to let people see and feel the property itself will make you have a good lead against your competitors.

You see, the list could really go on as to why it is important to have professional video tours when selling real estate, but we just want to narrow down all the key details that you need in order to consider hiring a professional video tour producer. 

The industry of commercial real estate is really competitive, that’s why you really need to be ahead of the game. One move then your business will be getting either a win or loss. But having a professional video tour when you sell commercial real estate is surely a win for you.