The question “How Professional Photography Help Sell Homes?” can be answered only by a proper understanding of the definition of professional photography. Professional photography is defined in many ways. However, for this post, professional photography in real estate is not pictures captured with an iPhone. Professional photography is the use of high-quality equipment to produce exceptionally unique, quality, and visually stunning images and videos. Oftentimes as real estate professionals/realtors, it’s okay to take some pictures yourself or use stock photos.

Perhaps, there are more important things that a realtor or real estate company will spend on. Can this include professional photography? Read down to the last part of this article to know the answer to this question!

Professional Photography

Recently, as a realtor when viewing online home listings, where do most potential home buyers spend 60% of their time? The answer is on the photos. Therefore, professional listing photos are vital factors to help sell homes. Professional listing photos can determine the selling price of a home whether it sells at all. Also, properties can be sold through the photos’ influence. Inevitably, the single most important factor in selling a home in the new world is good photography. People see what they like and like what they see!

Brand Reputation  and Versatility

Brand Reputation is absolutely essential In this digital age for businesses to have a good online brand presence. With the rise of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, there is further proof that buyers’ demand is visually appealing to online presence. Whether your real estate listing is on a website, an e-commerce platform, a social media page, or a combination of all three, using professional photos will always yield major benefits. It showcases services and products that constitute a good online presence reputation. This can be through photos, videos, and articles that clearly represent them. Different forms of media use professional photography. These media range from printed adverts, email banners, and social media posts. However, multiple media often have pixelated amateur photos.

Marketing And Sales

Visually-appealing content social channels are 40% more likely to get shared. In real estate, this is now a common trend in how potential customers interact with content online. Online audiences today prefer short-form content (videos, memes, images, etc.) to lengthy pieces of written content. This creates a short attention span. As such, professional photography becomes one of the most engaging forms of content. Currently, real estate is one of the major sectors that is developing a strong online presence. This results in more potential clients and more digital marketing strategies.  Private realtors or real estate professionals may see photography as something with little importance.

 In real estate, the emotion of affluent 81% of Older Millennials, 80% of  Younger Millennials, and 78% of Generation (X) buyers are used to the advantage of a realtor as a good photo can speak not a thousand words, but a million. With only a few simple clicks, buyers can see unique listings. They can also select options that match their desires than the relevant traditional realtor’s sales methods. Buyers can even do this outside of business hours and from the comfort of their homes which makes the presence of real estate photography online an extension of a realtor’s brand that never sleeps.

Marketing and Realtors

Some realtors believe in the phrase “content is king is often a ringing slogan” when marketing their business online. This phrase definitely is still true. Sadly, a lot of realtors don’t realize photos are important content. In addition,  it’s a powerful, versatile form of content. Engaging online posts in various e-pages, websites, and articles use photos. Social Media pages of businesses in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google my Business use photos to build and improve branding. Generally, online audiences prefer short-form content (videos, images, memes, etc) to long pieces of written content with shortening attention spans which have increased the importance of professional photography as one of the most interactive and engaging forms of content.

In real estate, brochures and promotional materials use professional offline photos. Investing in professional photography provides proven helpful ammunition used to enhance marketing efforts in a plethora of ways especially in advertisement articles with endless possibilities.

How does professional photography remain relevant for investors?

Oftentimes, as real estate professionals/realtors, it’s okay to take some pictures with your phone or use stock photos. Perhaps, it’s more about important things that a realtor or real estate company should be spending the organization’s funds on than professional photography, right?. Truthfully, In every business no matter the industry there is great benefit from having professional photography. High-quality photography is a vital and important asset that contributes to the overall branding and success of the company.  This statement remains true across all audiences and/or products.  When it comes to business expenses that are absolutely worth it, professional photography should be the top priority on the list.

Private start-up realtors or real-estate business professionals may see photography as something with little importance. And, although employing a professional real estate photographer may seem like an expensive outlay in the short term, the long-term effect it has on your brand, engagement rates, and subsequent sales makes it the perfect investment for selling homes and properties. Professional photography is the first impression potential buyers have online and offline of a realtor, and therefore the first element in consideration when embarking on any kind of marketing activity.


In summary, professional photography can help sell homes :

  • Conversion increase rates  up to 161%
  • Improved  user experience and increase engagement by up to 90%
  • 40% more shareable on social media than other kinds of content!

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