Social media made a significant impact on our daily lives forever. Social media acts as an excellent resource for people looking to buy real estate; has a significant influence on every step of a buyer’s decision-making journey. Unlike before, road signs and newspaper ads are the only way to advertise a house. With the rapid advancement in technology, buyers these days are much more aware and are actively looking for properties online. 

When the pandemic began in late 2019, face-to-face requiring businesses are the most affected and the real estate industry is one of those. Since then, online impressions have become essential for real estate professionals. 


Helpful Social Media Tips

Stunning feed

Your first online impression matters! Let’s admit it, we humans base our judgment, decisions on what our eyes see. And it’s normal cause we humans are naturally visual creatures. Most homebuyers will base their decisions on how you present the property to them. Therefore, Using high-quality real estate photos will attract home searchers to actually look at your posts. Professional real estate photography will be a big help in achieving stunning photos of your property.

Informative content and page

When posting your listing for sale on your social media pages, it should contain information and details that will satisfy your potential homebuyers. This way, their questions, and expectations will be easily answered and can decide faster whether they like the property or look for another. Your social media page must also contain short information about yourself, your services, and contact details.

Optimize your content

One way of optimizing your social media content is by using #hashtags. A hashtag is a label for content. It helps others who are interested in a certain topic, quickly find content on that same topic. Hashtags are popular in social media and a lot of businesses and content creators use them. Hence, using the right hashtags will sure help you boost your content and business. 

Add videos

It was proven and tested that using videos for advertisements helps move inventory listings by increasing sales. Video advertising isn’t just a trend or a recommendation but an important requirement in marketing. Adding a video tour of your property will add more conviction that will help you in selling the property.


Engaging with your followers will create a bond and trust. Your homebuyers expect instant responses and you must give them the immediate answer and information they seek. Social media can extend your reach to people you may have not met yet. 

Use social media business features

Using your personal profile may look unprofessional. Besides, using the business feature of a social media platform will let you use and maximize essential and helpful benefits. For example, instead of using your personal Facebook profile, set up a Facebook page for your real estate brand. In this way, you can use the Facebook page’s business useful features; such as the ability to run Facebook ads and check your page’s insights.

Real Estate Photography and Video

Boost your Sales Through Social Media and Real Estate Photography


FastPromoUSA Real Estate Photo and video

Building a successful real estate career requires persistence, hard work, and the ability to execute. Most successful real estate agents know and enjoyed the benefits of professional real estate photos and videos. They know that exceptional real estate photography is an essential component of a real estate marketing campaign. The rise of the internet also gave rise to the critical importance of quality real estate photos. Nowadays, home buyers need to see the property top to bottom, inside and out. The quality of your photos will add a big impact on how your property gets sold. 

Let’s admit it, besides the intention to help home buyers, the main goal is to sell fast. Using professional photos for promotions makes a big difference. PR Newswire reported that 32% of listings that used professional help sell faster than those that did not. Also, properties with higher quality photos may result in a higher asking price. According to the Wall Street Journal, listings that used professional photos gain up to $116,076 at the closing table. Besides, Listings that have more photos sell faster compared to those that have fewer.

Most of our decisions, judgments, and perceptions are based on what our eyes can see. Humans are naturally visual creatures. Professional photos make a beautiful portfolio and build credibility. If you’re a realtor, using professional photos makes you win more listings; because sellers will most likely be impressed that their homes can look beautiful in the market, resulting in sales. Delivering gorgeous photos will give your clients a lasting impression of your quality output. The unfair reality is, we judge a book by the cover. Poor photos will be forgotten in a snap while a beautiful picture will make anyone note.  Professional real estate photography and social media marketing are better together.

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In general, social media combined with professional real estate photography is the super combo. Real estate photography is the best way to show off your listings. And, social media on the other hand is today’s best and easiest tool to reach out to your potential homebuyers.