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Best Time of the Day for Real Estate Photography

There are a lot of different factors to consider that need to be considered when taking a real estate photograph. But one of the most important is the best time of the day for real estate photography.

Personally, I like taking photos in the morning. The morning sunlight is diffused which makes me or my subject get more even lighting. But when the mood of your shoot is cinematic, I prefer sunset time. It is because you can capture the sky at its most vibrant and can avoid harsh contrast. When your photography’s mood is dramatic, the night is the best time to take photos. This offers amazing effects that are impossible during the day like the motion blur, starburst effect, and light trails. 

Real estate agents worked very hard to get property listings to advertise. And with professional photography, they will not need to worry about the result of their hard work because it will make the property look amazing, professional, and worth it.

So what is the best time of the day for real estate photography? Here are the following property’s aspects with best time for real estate photography. 

East-Facing Properties

Some buyers consider purchasing properties that catch the morning light. Because they believe that morning light is providing good energy and healing energy. So this means that since east-facing properties receive much morning light, the time to shoot them is in the morning and it also casts shadows on the front. 

South-Facing Property

For south-facing properties, most especially properties with pools, the best time for photo shooting is at high noon. Although other real estate photographers are often discouraged to take photos at this time of the day because of the possible result of flatness and the effect of harsh lighting, a high noontime is known to provide nice and even lighting. Only talented and best real estate photographers can pull off this one like the Miami real estate photographers. Since Florida is known to be sunny and with beaches, real estate photography is taken during high noon for south-facing properties. 

West-Facing Property

The west-facing properties are at their best view in the afternoon. The sky has subtle light that enhances the tone of the properties, eliminating harsh shadows. Real estate photographers can do so much more at this time because of the less exposure. 

North-Facing Properties

North-facing properties are the most challenging in terms of real estate photography. Sunrise and sunsets are not giving enough exposure to these properties. In order to make them at best in photos, real estate photographers need to be more creative. And that’s why they shoot them at blue hour. Although blue hour only occurs for a couple of minutes and photographers need to be fast in capturing photos, they will be able to play their shoots with the cool pastel undertone during the time. This will give the properties their best photos. 

Most of the real estate photographers will also advise these times of the day for the different-facing properties. In addition, these are the tips to ensure that you choose the best shooting time for the properties:

Why properties with different aspects should be photographed at a different times?

Real estate photographers prefer to be behind the sun when looking at the front of the property. They will not be able to achieve great photos in shadows and being behind the sun will result in bright and saturated color photos. 


Real estate agents must provide good real estate photography. Real estate photographers should always consider the properties’ aspects for the best lighting and avoid shadows. In today’s time, real estate photography is necessary. Buyers search real estate online. They scroll through photo after photo until they finally find the property they like or love. With this, photos should be at their best output. 





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