Aerial photography is done in an elevated vantage point, giving a literal bird’s eye view of a property. Drone or aerial photos and videos are stunning. Other than the pretty images, It also gives homebuyers a whole new perspective on the property. Aerial photography is the best way to show off the surroundings as well as the higher scenic value of a property. With the help of aerial photography; you get the chance to offer panoramic and breathtaking pictures of any property on your inventory. Some real estate photography services in Orlando have included Drone or aerial photography in their services. 

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR); using drones for real estate is quickly becoming a common marketing tool in the industry. Also, according to an article published by in 2016, real estate agent Mark McGill stated; “The last property we did with drone photography, sold for $35,000 above reserve after attracting 12 bidders to the auction”. Besides, research conducted by MLS statistics said that; homes listed with aerial images sold 68% faster than homes that used standard images alone.

Real estate aerial photography and videography are easily accessible and equally important to agents and modern online buyers. And that is because of the power and popularity of social media. Drone photos show properties from every angle. Aerial Photography also allows agents to embrace the future of marketing. And helps in pointing out important locations, nearby facilities, and even including dimensions, square meterage.

Showcase a property’s location better

With aerial photography, real estate professionals can show homebuyers the entirety of a property. Licensed professional drone pilots can get high-quality shots of the property’s unique features and even nearby landmarks. Moreover, aerial photographs will help you present other details and features of the property that ground images can’t. 

Quick sales and add price value to the property

With the ability and effectiveness of a drone or aerial real estate photography to get useful visual information of the property and surroundings; buyers can decide in lesser time. Plus; presenting your property in a well-informed and unique way will give you the upper hand during the price negotiation process. After all, it is a well-known fact that properties with better photos and provide more information, sell better and faster. 

Helps you win more listings and stay above the competition

Real estate marketing is one of the most demanding industries today. Aerial photos will make your portfolio stand out among your real estate colleagues. RISMedia has stated that real estate agents who use a drone or aerial photography win more listings by a 73%. On top of that, Sold by Air also added that; about eighty-three percent of home sellers prefer to work with agents who use aerial photography in marketing their property. 


The internet has become essential to our everyday activities. Most of the potential homebuyers look for properties online. Aerial real estate photos will show your buyers a more accurate and detailed depiction of what the property is actually like. More detailed and accurate images of the property are what most buyers prefer to see. Pictures that are taken from an elevated view will give a detailed and accurate look at the roof. Not only the roof but features that an image-based image cant show.

Adds more engagement on social media and generates more website traffic

Aerial photography has the ability to capture professional and compelling pictures and videos of the property. Aside from getting gorgeous pictures; Aerial photos and videos can also generate a sense of awe and interest to potential buyers. By adding aerial photos alongside ground-based images on your social media pages and website, you are attracting traffic. Stunning photos attract more viewers than poor-quality pictures.

Helps you promote your brand

By using the latest technology trends like aerial photography, you are showing your viewers and potential buyers that; you as a brand take advantage of every opportunity to stand out and stay ahead of the competitors. 

Benefits of Using Drone or Aerial Real Estate Photography in Miami

The Importance of hiring a professional vs DIY

Professional quality – Driving a drone plus taking excellent images requires experience and skills. Therefore, it is important that you consult a professional for the best results. Professional real estate aerial photographers have gone through proper training and experience accordingly that made them an expert in the field. Rest assured, you get the best quality result. 

Specialized equipment – Professionals have invested in their photography equipment which compared to non-pro, specialized equipment will have much better imaging. 

Less time – Compared to amateur, professional drone photographers will finish the work quicker with better results. 

Comprehensive editing – even images taken by professionals will need a touch before they become user-ready. Professional real estate photographers have their proper software to enhance and edit raw pictures for a better presentation. 


The advancement of technology has been constantly introducing and improving our way of life. Compared to the old way of taking aerial shots that require helicopters; the introduction of drones has set the game and trend to a higher level. The use of a drone or aerial photography in the real estate industry gives a lot of positive benefits. Not only aerial photography capture great images and videos, but it can also showcase property on another level. It is something that is guaranteed to bring positive results. The more attractive and detailed the property presentation, the more likely buyers will buy. 

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